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Dress Code

Little Pearl Uniforms

Students are expected to dress appropriately for school and adhere to our uniform policy and procedures as follows:

  • The Little Pearl Elementary uniform must be worn every day.
  • Our school uniform consists light blue polo style shirts (with or without the LPE logo) and khaki bottoms (pants, capris, shorts, skorts, jumpers, or skirts). 
  • Students are asked to wear closed toe shoes, such as tennis shoes, for comfort and safety.  Sandals, backless shoes, Crocs, cowboy boots or flip-flops are not part of the uniform. Students are encouraged to wear tennis shoes or other rubber bottom based shoes. 
  • Please remember that our young students are still learning how to manage their bathroom needs so clothing should be child friendly and encourage the student’s independent skills.
  • Uniforms may be purchased at most department stores, uniform shops or catalog of your choice. 
  • School Spirit Shirts may be purchased from Little Pearl Elementary if you so desire.  Order forms are available in the office.
  • Outer wear and raincoats with hoods are suggested in cool and/or inclement weather.  Make sure to label the garment with your child’s name in case it is lost or left behind.
  • Elaborate jewelry is discouraged.  Please leave hats, combs, brushes, sunglasses and purses at home. Little Pearl is not responsible for lost or broken jewelry, etc. 
  • Please label all your child’s clothing and lunch boxes with your child’s name clearly marked. We will have a Lost and Found box you may check at any time for missing items.  Any items left over at the end of each semester will be donated to local charities.
  • Do not send toys, jewelry, or other expensive items that may be lost or damaged. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.